Who are the Greatest Victims of a Struggling Global Economy?

As the global economy continues to struggle, among the greatest victims are today’s children.

According to a recent report from the United Nations Children’s Fund, more than one in five American children fall below the poverty line (defined as less than half of the median income). In fact, the US ranks 34 out of 35 developed countries, above only Romania. To make matters worse, the average poor child in the US lives in a household than earns 36% less than the relative poverty line. Only Italy has a wider gap.

Even more disturbing are child poverty rates in the developing world. Of the world’s 2.2 billion children, the UN estimates that approximately 1 billion live in poverty. Consequently, as of 2012, nearly 20% of children under age 5 in the developing world are underweight, 30% are stunted, and 20% lack basic vaccines. Furthermore, approximately 7.6 million children under the age of 5 perish annually.

Certainly, the heaviest cost of all is borne by the children themselves. However, research reveals that societies also pay a heavy price for child poverty. Among other effects, child poverty translates into lower educational achievements, reduced skills and productivity, increased chance of unemployment and welfare dependence, and higher costs to judicial and social security systems.

To help reduce child poverty in the US or abroad, please support one of our partner non-profits: A Chance for Kids, A Kid Again, All the Children are Children, Community Services for Children, Education for all Children, Stand Up for Kids Silicon Valley, Tukwila Children’s Foundation, and the Westchester Children’s Association.

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