Celebrate International Earth Day!

April 22nd is International Earth Day! It is the annual day to demonstrate support and increase awareness for environmental protection.

Conceived by activist John McConnell, Earth Day was officially founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental-teach in on April 22, 1970. The Earth Day Network began promoted the day internationally in 1990, organizing events in 141 nations. Today, Earth Day (or Earth Week) is celebrated in over 192 countries.

So how can you get involved this Earth Day? At Op4G, we encourage you to begin making environmentally-friendly choices in your daily life. This might include minimizing car use, recycling garbage, planting trees, buying used goods, and reducing your personal consumption.

We also encourage you to support Op4G’s environmental non-profit partners. The Ocean River Institute and SuAsCo Watershed Community Council promote sound water stewardship. Solar Sonoma County and Clean-Air Cool Planet advance technologies and practices to mitigate climate change. Furthermore, the Friends of the Moran State Park protect wildlife habitats on Washington’s San Juan Islands.

To learn more about these and other Op4G non-profits, please visit Our Non-Profit Partners Page.

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