The Race to Summer Contest for Non-Profits!

RTC ThumbNon-Profits, Op4G is at it again with another great contest to support your mission. Come with us as we “Race to Summer” from April 1st to July 1st.  During this period, each and every new member a Non-Profit acquires will result in $1.00 added to your account.  Generate 10 new members, get $10… 1000 new members, get $1000.  It’s that simple.

We also have great prizes of $1000, $500, and $250 for the top three Non-Profits in the contest.  That is in addition to the $1.00 you get for each new member.  So…. what are you waiting for?  Send out word using your newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter page or website.  We will also make available to you our brand new Non-Profit Portal so you can easily track your progress.

To make your Non-Profit eligible for the contest, just send a quick email to Juliann Murphy, our Non-Profit Development Director  (juliannm @ and she will get you signed up.  Thanks and good luck to all our partners!

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