Op4G's $500 Sweepstakes Winner: Newmarket Community Education Partnership!

8Op4G congratulates our $500 sweepstakes winner for April, the Newmarket Community Education Partnership (NCEP)! The NCEP was conceived in 2004 by a group of women concerned about education in Newmarket, NH. The women wanted to start a non-profit that would enhance social and recreational opportunities for the children and youth in Newmarket, especially those “on the fringes”.

With $10,000 in start-up funding, the NCEP was born. Since then, the non-profit has awarded over $60,000 in grants and scholarships to Newmarket schools and the recreation center.

These grants have funded a wide range of activities. They have funded learning equipment for children with and without disabilities, upgrading the technology of Newmarket schools. They have covered three room renovations in the JR/SR High School, including the Teachers Room, the ESL Room and the Special Education Room. Furthermore, a generous grant from the Love Foundation has allowed over 60 low-income children to attend summer camp and enjoy a “summer filled with friends, adventures, field trips and the outdoors”.

Flickr photo credit: Mary W

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