So who the heck takes these Internet surveys anyway?

Well I’m not sure about panel members found in other places, but as it turns out, Op4G survey takers are quite a purposeful group. Many folks join because they have a strong interest in a specific non-profit or charity. That’s obvious, right?

What’s interesting is that the Op4G Platform –MyOp4G– creates value for these members in the form of a brand new opportunity to help their cause. The system and tools are unique because they fill a need where no similar solution previously existed. Not only can large, well known organizations participate for free, but also small, locally focused groups. As a result, members are able to feel connected to their non-profit and share insights in a purposeful way.

A recent survey of our members found that 31% of them are large donors, as defined as someone who gives $1,000+ to charity each year. What does that mean? It means that many of our members who already have a donor relationship with their favorite non-profit, are taking surveys for them as well!

In addition, of those members who donate any amount, 97% said they would continue donating at their current levels, while ALSO taking surveys. Finally, 73% of our respondents said they ONLY take surveys on the Op4G platform.

So who the heck is taking these surveys? It’s a proud group of people who want to connect, engage, and share insights when these actions are -cause- directed. Now that’s purposeful!

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