Partnering with Op4G

Op4G is always looking for new non-profit partners! Each new partner allows Op4G to support more causes and increase our reach across the United States.

For this reason, we have created a short and simple registration process, enabling non-profits to partner with Op4G within one business day. The process begins when a non-profit staff member or supporter proposes the new non-profit partner via We then email the non-profit a nine question partnership form. Among other information, the form asks for the non-profit’s website and logo (for inclusion on the Op4G site), billing address (for payment purposes), and tax ID number (to verify non-profit status).

Once complete, we add the new non-profit partner to our website and notify our members over social media. We also request that the non-profit contact their supporters (via dedicated emails, social media, their website etc.) to announce the partnership and encourage enrollment in Op4G.

To assist with outreach efforts, we generally arrange a 5 minute call between the non-profit and our CEO, Frank Nappo. The Op4G Account Management team is also available to help at any time. For more information, please visit or contact

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