How do I become a member?

To become an Opinions4Good member, please contact the nonprofit you wish to support and ask for an invitation to join. When you sign up, you will be asked to create your Opinions4Good username and password and to complete a demographic profile. On average, the process takes under 10 minutes. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email from Opinions4Good.

I did not receive a confirmation email following registration. What do I do?

Confirmation emails are generally sent within a few minutes of registration. Depending on your software, however, it could take a couple of hours and the email occasionally ends up in junk mail folders.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email in your inbox or junk mail folder within 12 hours of registration, you can click here to resend the email. If you are still not able to receive it, please contact us at support@op4g.com. We’d be happy to resend the email.

Is there a fee to join?

No, joining Opinions4Good is completely free. Both members and nonprofits will never be asked to pay fees at any point during their Opinions4Good membership or partnership.

I am under 18. Can I join?

Members must be 17 years of age or older to become Opinions4Good members. When registering, you will be asked for your date of birth to confirm that you meet the age requirement. For more information, you can click here to view our full Terms and Conditions.

I don’t reside in the United States. Can I join?

Currently, Op4G is only accepting new members that reside in the United States. However, we plan to open up this opportunity to those residing in other countries in the near future.

Will I receive junk mail after I join?

No. Opinions4Good values Members’ time and will never send irrelevant emails to their inboxes. Members will only receive survey invites, emails about their Opinions4Good memberships, and other communications they have opted to receive. These emails will be delivered to the email address provided during Member registration. Like the rest of your personal data, this email address will never be shared outside of Opinions4Good.

Personal Information

Where can I find my username?

Your username is the email address you used to sign up as a member. This is the same email address used to send out all survey invites. You can also find it in the ‘account’ tab of your member dashboard on the top left-hand corner of the screen.

How can I change my password?

If you forgot your password or would like a new password for security reasons, please visit my.op4g.com, click “Forgot your password?” underneath the login section, and enter your email address. Alternatively, email us at support@op4g.com and include your member email address and we will reset it for you.

How do I update my personal information?

Opinions4Good requests that you update your profile whenever your personal information (job, marital status, etc) changes. To change your email address, go to “Change your email” under the “Account” tab. To change your password, go to “Change your password” under the “Account” tab. You can also change your birthdate by clicking “Change your birthdate” under the “Account” tab.

To change any other personal demographics, please reach out to us at support@op4g.com. If you need to view your current ones to see what needs to be updated, you can select “View your demographics” under the “account” tab.

Technical Issues

Why was I screened out of a survey?

Survey invites are only sent to members who meet the desired demographic characteristics. However, surveys do have quotas for particular demographic groups, often reflecting the general population. Once the quota has been reached for your demographic group, you will be screened out of the survey. To avert this issue, please try to complete surveys as early as possible.

Why can I no longer access the survey via my.op4g.com?

An inability to access surveys usually signals that the survey has closed (the client has received the desired number of completed surveys). This generally occurs 24-48 hours after the survey is launched. To avoid this issue, we recommend completing surveys as early as possible.

Why can I no longer access the survey via the link in the email invite?

Our apologies! This is likely the result of a technical glitch. To access the survey, please log into your my.op4g.com account. The survey should appear in the “Available Surveys” section under the “Surveys” tab. Just click “take” to complete the survey.

Why was I unable to open a survey? or Why did I experience technical issues while taking a survey?

At Opinions4Good, we aim to make all surveys accessible to our members. Unfortunately, some of our surveys are incompatible with certain devices or browsers. Please try to complete surveys using a computer, as opposed to a tablet or smart phone. Also, please opt for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers over Safari and Internet Explorer. If you continue to experience an issue, please disable all pop-up blockers or clear your cache and reload the survey. You can also reach out to support@op4g.com for more assistance if needed.

Why was I unable to complete a survey that I started at an earlier point?

Completing surveys in a single session, with minimal jumping between pages, can significantly reduce the likelihood of survey error. It is also a requirement for off-platform surveys, as client platforms reject surveys submitted after a certain length of time. For this reason, we advise members to complete Opinions4Good surveys during blocks of uninterrupted free time.

I got half-way through a survey. Why was I was unable to continue?

Our security system at Opinions4Good includes technology that tracks the length of time members spend on surveys. If a member “speeds” through the survey quicker than average, the survey will terminate. Additionally, some surveys include “red herring” questions designed to ensure that the member is reading the questions. If answered incorrectly, the survey will terminate.

Why did I receive a notification stating that the survey was “unavailable”?

If you encounter an “unavailable” homepage, your IP Address triggered our Respondent Validation system, meaning that you–or another user of your computer or IP address–already launched that survey.Our system only allows one response per survey from a machine’s IP address to prevent a user from completing surveys under multiple email addresses. Unfortunately, when this issue occurs, there is no way for us to reset the survey. To avert this issue, we advise members to complete surveys at home on a machine not used by another panel member.

Why I am unable to complete a survey with my screen reader?

At Opinions4Good, we aim to make all surveys accessible to our members. Unfortunately, some of our surveys are incompatible with screen reader programs. Opinions4Good staff is currently working to fix this issue.


Why am I unable to log in to my.op4g.com?

Log in problems generally result from incorrect usernames or passwords. To prevent these issues, please record your log in details. Also, please be sure to enter your email address and to type your password, as opposed to copying and pasting.

How do I change the charity I support?

Changing your beneficiary is easy through my.op4g.com. Just click “Adjust your contribution” under the “Account” tab. Then under the “Change your nonprofit” section you can choose from our list of 300+ nonprofit partners. Just click “select” when you find the one you want to donate back to.

How do I change the amount that I donate?

Opinions4Good requires members to donate at least 25% of their earnings to the charity of choice. If you would like to donate more, please log into my.op4g.com and click “Adjust your contribution” under the “Account” tab. On the right-hand side, you can change your earnings contribution.

How can I see how much money I have donated?

To check your donations, log into my.op4g.com. Under the “Surveys” tab, you’ll notice a “Donations Snapshot” in the lower right-hand corner. The snapshot indicates your contribution percentage, as well as your contribution for the current quarter.

You can also view your donations in the “Account” tab by scrolling down to “Earnings Details.” From there you will see two columns, one with your personal earnings and one labeled “nonprofit” with all donations that went back to your designated nonprofit.


Why haven’t I received credit for completing a survey?

When a completed survey does not immediately get credited on your my.op4g profile, it is most likely an “off-platform” survey run by our clients. At the end of each month, we retrieve member IDs for successfully completed “off-platform” surveys from our clients and enter the earnings manually into my.op4g profiles. This process can take up to 4 weeks or more. If it has been over 6 weeks and you still have not been credited, please reach out to support.

You can also view the current status of your survey earnings on the “Surveys” tab of your account. If you scroll down, you will see sections for credited surveys, surveys in review, and rejected surveys.

Will I get paid? If so, when?

Opinions4Good issues PayPal payments monthly to all members who have earned $10 or more. If you have not yet earned $10, your earnings will simply roll over into future months until the threshold is met. To read more about our payment schedule, please visit here. To check your earnings, please log into my.op4g.com and click “View your earnings” under the “Account” tab.

Why are there surveys that do not offer a payout/incentive?

Non-paying surveys give us a means to pre-screen members for an upcoming survey for which they would likely qualify.


Should I be concerned about privacy?

Privacy is of paramount concern to Opinions4Good. Thus, each element of Opinions4Good is designed to fiercely protect our members’ privacy and information. For example, Opinions4Good stores personal and survey data in two physically separate, secure servers, denying client or third party access to individual member data. Opinions4Good also assigns non-traceable usernames to all surveys submitted to clients, thereby protecting personal identity. Finally, when members terminate their accounts, Opinions4Good wipes all personal, demographic, and member information from our database (with the exception of information required by law). Opinions4Good promises to post any changes to these privacy policies on our website at least 7 days prior to making a change. Members who disagree can immediately terminate their Opinions4Good account.

To view our full privacy policy, click here.

My charity is not on the Opinions4Good list of nonprofit partners. Can I still support them?

Opinions4Good members are asked to select one of our nonprofit partners as their beneficiary. If your favorite nonprofit is not on our list, we still encourage you to join. You can also contact the nonprofit you wish to support and refer them to us. If they are a good fit, we will happily help them get set up for free. Once the nonprofit is added as an Opinions4Good partner, you can change your beneficiary at that time by visiting “Adjust my contribution” under the “Account” tab at my.op4g.com.

If you have a nonprofit in mind that is not currently on our list that you wish to donate back to, reach out to support@op4g.com and let us know.

How do I unsubscribe?

At Opinions4Good, we encourage our members to continue completing surveys for charity—even on an infrequent basis. However, if you still wish to unsubscribe, please click “Delete your account” under the “Account” tab. This will remove all of your personal and account information from our system, except any tax information required by law. As we are always looking to improve, we welcome any feedback as to why you decided to leave.

How do I provide other feedback for Opinions4Good?

Opinions4Good greatly appreciates feedback from all its members. To offer your insights or suggestions, please email us at support@op4g.com. We will then forward your email to the appropriate Opinions4Good staff member.

Still have a question? Send us an email