Op4G's Non-Profit of the Month: Transformations Autism Treatment Center!

Transformations Autism Treatment Center – it is your lucky month! Thanks to your supporter Elizabeth Dowling-Cloud, you have been selected as Op4G’s Non-Profit of the Month for August.

Autism is a neurological development disability that generally appears before the age of 3. It is frequently characterized by a range of behaviors that include difficulty communicating, performing self-care tasks, and interacting with others. It is believed to affect approximately 1 in 88, at a lifetime cost of $3.5-5.5 million.

Given these effects and costs, the Transformations Autism Treatment Center works to provide services and support to individuals affected by autism, helping them reach their full potential. This includes the provision of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, today’s leading treatment for autism. Furthermore, Transformations offers education to parents of autistic children and arranges home staff, if required.

To date, Transformations’ supporters have raised $70 for the non-profit through Op4G. Please help them raise more! Complete surveys on behalf of our “non-profit of the month” or donate here!

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