Op4G's $500 Sweepstakes Winner: The Tree House Humane Society!

16Now here’s something to purr about: the Tree House Humane Society is Op4G’s $500 sweepstakes winner for September!

Founded in 1971, Tree House is a Chicago-based humane society dedicated to promoting the value of every animal and to educating the public about responsible animal care. The non-profit focuses primarily on stray cats, especially those with special physical and emotional needs.

To achieve its mission, Tree House rescues sick or injured cats from across Chicago (over 16,000 to date). It then provides a full range of treatments, including veterinary care, vaccinations, behavioral counseling, and spaying/neutering to control overpopulation. Finally, when the cats have returned to good health, Tree House locates safe homes for the cats via off-site adoption events.

In addition to these activities, Tree House also helps others care for cats. The organization offers a pet food pantry program, which provides supplemental cat food to cat owners with low or fixed incomes. It engages in education outreach, presenting to students and adults on various aspects of cat care. Furthermore, through the TNR Feral Friends Program, Tree House sponsors feral colony caretakers throughout the Chicago area.

Please support Tree House in their mission by registering with Op4G today.

Flickr photo credit: crazybananas


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