How does Opinions4Good make its money?

Opinions4Good does not charge Members or Non-Profits for their participation in its programs. Opinions4Good earns its revenue from the fees Clients pay to access our market research services.

Does Opinions4Good require access to non-profit private donor mailing lists?

Opinions4Good will never access a non-profit’s donor list. Opinions4Good values the privacy of its partners and Members, and understands the commitment non-profits have to their donors.

How should non-profits contact their supporters to recommend they join Opinions4Good?

Opinions4Good will provide non-profits with website, email, and print communication templates describing the Opinions4Good program and its benefits that can be sent to their donor list in a specific contact, or in the non-profit’s normal contact cycle.

Can non-profits contact Opinions4Good members directly?

Opinions4Good guarantees the privacy and anonymity of its membership. By default, non-profits cannot contact Opinions4Good Members directly.

Are non-profits permitted to advertise or market their cause on the Opinions4Good website?

Currently, Opinions4Good will not allow direct advertising or marketing campaigns on the Opinions4Good website, except those being tested as funded member activities. However, non-profit partners can contact our non-profit coordinator team if they would like us to share a post about their cause on our various social media platforms.

Can employees/volunteers of a non-profit participate in Opinions4Good Member activities?

Opinions4Good welcomes everyone to participate in Opinions4Good member activities. Opinions4Good recommends non-profit employees/volunteers complete the member registration process, permitting them to further understand and participate in the process by which Opinions4Good members direct contributions.

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