How does Opinions4Good make its money?

Opinions4Good does not charge Members or Nonprofits for their participation in its programs. We earn revenue from the fees our Market Research Clients pay for our market research services.

Does Opinions4Good require access to nonprofit private donor mailing lists?

Opinions4Good will never access a nonprofit’s donor list. Opinions4Good values the privacy of its partners and Members, and understands the commitment nonprofits have to their donors.

How should nonprofits contact their supporters to recommend they join Opinions4Good?

Opinions4Good will provide nonprofits with marketing content describing the Opinions4Good program and its benefits that can be used to promote on any channel they choose (Social Media Accounts, Newsletters, Website, Email Lists, etc).

Can nonprofits contact Opinions4Good members directly?

Opinions4Good guarantees the privacy and security of our members, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. Because of this, nonprofits cannot contact or access personally-identifying information of Opinions4Good Members.

Are nonprofits permitted to advertise or market their cause on the Opinions4Good website?

Currently, Opinions4Good does not allow direct advertising or marketing campaigns on the Opinions4Good website, except for our North American Partners page that includes our full list of partners and links to their websites. However, nonprofit partners are welcome to contact our nonprofit coordinator team if they would like us to share a post about their cause or a particular fundraising event on our various social media platforms.

Can employees/volunteers of a nonprofit participate in Opinions4Good Member activities?

Absolutely! Opinions4Good welcomes everyone to join and participate. We normally recommend those who work for a nonprofit to join as members, as it helps them to better understand the process and overall experience.

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