Method(sync) Selects Op4G : Opinions 4 Good for Benchmarking Data

Op4G assists method(sync)’s work through multiple waves of benchmark development for the company’s newly launched Team Innovation Assessment survey by providing on demand metric validation support through the Op4G omnibus platform. These insights helped method(sync) create the landmark Innovation Design for a Small Teams study, which will be released in June.

Method(sync) choose Op4G because of the company’s radical business model and their commitment to innovation for the greater good. Op4G is a world class partner for customized, high quality panels states Erik Thoresen, Owner and Managing Partner of method(sync).

To assist methodsync with their data collection was very critical from a benchmarking perspective. Clients are now utilizing Op4G for their tracking needs based on the consistent high quality data,” states Frank Hayden, COO of Op4G.

Method(sync) is an innovation advisory firm that designs tools for small teams working in food, consumer products and emerging technologies. method(sync)’s newly launched Team Innovation Assessment program helps organizations benchmark and improve their innovation performance and processes.

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