Stephanie A

Stephanie A is one of CUMAC’s biggest fans. In her words, “CUMAC is an amazing, multipurpose agency that does an incredible amount of good…They bring peace and comfort to a community with high need”.

So when CUMAC joined Op4G, Stephanie followed. She soon realized that Op4G surveys are “always interesting and often about topics [she] cares about”. They also give her an opportunity for “consumer activism” in support of products with “high social and environmental standards”. Just as importantly, Op4G surveys allow Stephanie to raise real funds for CUMAC. Already she has raised $100, bringing the total donations for CUMAC to $600. According to Stephanie, “It makes me feel richer than any fancy clothes, meals, or cars could!”

Thanks to Stephanie’s screened out survey, CUMAC was selected as Op4G’s Nonprofit of the Month! The timing is fortuitous – CUMAC is in “particular need of help at the moment”. The area it serves has “not recovered from the recession; living expenses are astronomical, jobs are scarce and wages are stagnant, which has left a huge portion of the population struggling with hunger”. So join Stephanie and complete a survey for CUMAC!

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