Dan H

Dan H knows the importance of finance and economics education. As a 15 year employee of Province Mortgage Associates, he has met numerous adults “who would have benefitted greatly” from a basic finance and economics lesson in their youth.

Several years ago, this belief prompted Dan to volunteer at Achieve-A-Bowl, a fundraising event for Junior Achievement of Rhode Island. He has now served as a Team Coordinator at the event 3 times. Recognizing Dan as a loyal volunteer, JA of Rhode Island recently informed him of Op4G and encouraged him to register. “It sounded like a fun and worthwhile cause, so I joined”. Since joining, Dan believes that he has qualified for 1 out of 5 surveys, which “means a lot of entries for JA into the sweepstakes!” He has enjoyed completing surveys, which he describes as “often quite interesting”. But more importantly, he has raised “roughly $35 for the charity” as well as earnings for himself. “I like that I can support a favorite charity but also get compensated a little for my time”.

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