Crystal V

Crystal joined Opinions4Good in July of 2017. As a regular survey taker, she found our platform through an internet search. Opinions4Good’s mission resonated with her: “I truly enjoy being a part of a group that both values and rewards my feedback.” Crystal has a teen-aged daughter suffering from autism and chose Autism Resources of the Mid-South as her charity of choice. 

“I volunteer at a few different agencies. I help with my daughter’s after-school program teaching, and coordinating group events. I’m a part of the PTA as well. I volunteer my time at my local disabled veterans association. I find so much joy in being able to someone positively affect the lives of others. I believe that everyone should do everything in there power to help those in need.” 

Crystal was drawn to Opinions4Good because she loves the fact that a portion of her proceeds goes to a cause she cares about. She also notes that the average survey incentive for the surveys she takes with Op4G is higher than the typical survey website–and she typically qualifies for the majority of survey invitations she receives.


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