Maximizing your Op4G Earnings: Outreach Methods for our Non-Profit Partners

moneyAt Op4G, we are always looking to increase funding for our non-profit partners. To this end, we encourage our partners to ask their supporters to register with Op4G, complete surveys frequently, and increase their donation percentage.

But what are the best ways to convey these messages to supporters? Op4G suggest several outreach methods. First, we recommend engaging in direct online communications. Experience shows that such communications, particularly dedicated emails or newsletters, drive the best results.

Other online methods have also proved successful. These include blogging, posting on social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.) and featuring the Op4G logo on the non-profit’s website or email signatures. In all cases, partners should include a link to the Op4G registration page.

Furthermore, non-profits can use traditional communication methods. For example, they can reference Op4G in mailings to members, as well as in event marketing materials (signs, programs etc.).

Whichever methods a non-profit chooses, we strongly advise them to follow-up. In general, we find that more follow-up translates into greater Op4G enrollment and earnings. We also ask partners to inform us of their outreach activities. We can then cross-promote and send data on the success of the outreach efforts.

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