Instantly Donate Your Calories and Help Fight World Hunger

More than ever, creativity and new technologies are playing a key role as viable solutions to the emerging operational needs of non-profits. No longer can charitable organizations simply rely on the original 123 playbook of donations – volunteerism – service: re-load. Fortunately, we’re living in a period of technology and creativity proliferation never seen before. Information is becoming democratized and sharing the secret sauce is now seen as a good thing. Opportunities abound for Non-Profits to reach their members and the people they serve.

Unfortunately sifting through, understanding, and building something actionable from all the new opportunities is a huge challenge for Non-Profits. The information overload is mind numbing, to say the least.

In the spirit of doing something good, Op4G would like to periodically highlight some of the fascinating new opportunities for providing service to the non-profit groups looking for a helpful add-on.

So, let’s get started.

Perhaps you’d like to give back the calories you consume in the form of mini donations to help fight world hunger? What!? I know I just went straight to mind numbing, but bear with me. There is an app for making this simple and straightforward. Created by Happiness Brussels and powered by Action Against Hunger, a new smartphone app has emerged, enabling you to make an instant donation based upon the calories in your meal or snacks.

It’s called the Give Your Calories app and here’s how it works.

If you’ve already got calories on your mind; and a lot of people do, then I can see this tool resonating with those who’d like to simultaneously track and control their intake while helping a good cause. You can download the app here if you’d like to take it for a spin. It’s iOS only at this point, so the Android folks will have to wait a bit before they can tinker with it.

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