Growing Places – a New Hampshire Non-Profit just keeps growing.

Welcome to one of our newest Non-Profits, Growing Places in New Hampshire. This unique and highly effective organization has been providing childcare, early education, and youth recreation services since 1978. Like many of our partners, Growing Places focuses their passions on improving and investing in their local community. Having worked as a School Psychologist for 6 years in the public schools, I can appreciate the value they bring to kids and families.

The secret to their success is knowing that “every dollar raised for early childhood education saves a community an estimated $17 in future costs such as education, adjudication, and remedial services. Children that graduate from a quality early education program are more likely to have success in their education and careers.”

Their programs are designed for infants through school-age children and they provide childcare, education and recreation every day to 150 children at three locations in New Hampshire. Please support our partner by signing up on their behalf.

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