Good Things to Know… About the Super Bowl

While Deflate-Gate has occupied much of the nation’s attention as we approach the kickoff to Super Bowl XLIX, Opinions 4 Good (Op4G) has decided to bring relevancy back to the conversation.  This week we surveyed 1000 people (balanced across gender, age, income, ethnicity, and education) to find out what people are really thinking about the big game.

And so without further ado, we present to you the first annual Opinions 4 Good “Good Things to Know” about the Super Bowl Survey.

Let’s begin by looking into the percentage of folks who intend to watch the game on Sunday.  A whopping 86% plan to watch the entire game while only 12% don’t plan to watch at all.  That’s a lot of American attention focused on a very narrow band of prime time.  It’s not hard to see why the Super Bowl commercials are a highly expensive commodity.

Speaking of commercials, the word on the street suggests we have a few surprises in store for us.  We asked our respondents which company will have the “best” (relative to individual preferences) commercial this year from among these companies: Bud Light, Coca-Cola, Doritos, Dove Men+Care, GoDaddy, McDonald’s,, Old Spice, and Pepsi.  The hands-down winner was Bud Light by a wide margin with nearly 34% of the votes.  The runner up, according to public perception was Doritos at 23%.  There’s no doubt that beer and chips have always gone well together and at $4.5 Million for a 30 second spot, America agrees.

We found some interesting insights into what many feel is the “greatest show on earth,” halftime at the Super Bowl.  While we know that Katy Perry will be the headlining performer, we asked people whether they’d be interested in watching and 63% said “yes”.  Conversely, over 1/3 of our respondents indicated they have no interest in seeing Katy Perry perform… curious result, to say the least.  We also know that Idina Menzel, a Broadway performer, will be singing the national anthem.  On a more patriotic note, 78% of people intend to watch the singing of our national anthem.

Ok let’s talk about food.  You can’t watch the Super Bowl without having something to snack on during this 4 hour T.V. marathon.  We asked people, of these four snacks (Chips and Salsa / Guacamole, Veggies and Dip, Wings, Pizza), which is your favorite Super Bowl appetizer?  According to our panel, the king of munchies is Chips and Salsa / Guacamole at 32% of the votes.  True to American form, Veggies and Dip came in last at 13%. The timing of this game with our New Year Resolutions couldn’t be worse.

Americans do like a good party and the Super Bowl appears to be one of the many excuses to have one.  While 38% of our respondents plan to watch the game at home, nearly 50% will go to or host a party on Sunday.

Given all you just learned, it’s time to talk about the outcome. If you believe in the validity of crowd-sourced predictions for the future, you may want to pay attention to this.  We asked folks, “Who do you think is going to win Super Bowl XLIX?”  We found that 53.75% of people believe that the Seahawks will win.  When we probed a little further it was revealed that 79% think the result will be a close score.  Take that at face value, or take it to the bank.  The choice is yours.

Last but certainly not least, we asked the following, “Do you plan to support a non-profit organization in 2015?” We found that 82% of our respondents said “Yes!”  That’s certainly not a surprise, given that we are Opinions 4 Good.  And with that, we’d like to thank all the good people who participated in our Survey Bowl survey.

This study was fielded from January 26th to January 28th.  Data was collected from 1000 respondents and was balanced across gender, age, income, ethnicity, and education.

About Op4G: 
Op4G provides client access to a unique database of highly qualified leaders and engaged members who participate in internet-based research for the opportunity to earn funds for themselves and/or to donate up to 100% of their earnings directly to one of our partnering charities. Since beginning client delivery in June 2010, our clients’ incentive funds have allowed our panel members to redirect over $389,000 to our growing number of non-profits. Panel member trust is the key to our quality data. Each element of Op4G is designed to fiercely protect our Members’ privacy. Every activity is opt-in, every survey participant is anonymous, and every member is in full control of their secure information.


Flickr Image Credit: Mike Mozart

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