Getting to Know Op4G

Op4G is a philanthropic market research company based in the United States. Founded in 2010, our overarching aim is to expand funding for non-profit organizations while meeting the market research needs of our clients.

How does Op4G achieve this dual mission? Upon receiving a client request for market research, we email surveys to Op4G members who meet the client’s desired demographics. Depending on the length and difficulty of the survey, we offer members $1 – $20 for completion. However, of those earnings, we ask that members donate at least 25% to a non-profit of their choice. Members can choose from our existing list of non-profit partners or recommend a new non-profit.

Thus, with every survey completed, both our members and non-profit partners accrue earnings! These earnings are tracked in members’ profiles, as well as in the Op4G database. Then, every quarter, we send a check to all members that have earned over $20 and all non-profits that have earned over $250. Any funds that do not exceed this threshold simply roll over into the next quarter.

This innovative business model allows everyone to win—members, non-profits, clients, and Op4G staff. To learn more about Op4G and how we operate, please explore our website or contact

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