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The destruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral will be felt by communities for weeks and years to come. The images and information coming from this event remind us how often strangers and our neighbors are willing to help in a moment’s notice. Our thoughts and prayers are directed at the people of France who are devastated by this fire.

Our members carry a spirit of volunteerism, charity and concern. As a result, Opinions4Good would like to offer an extended option for those who want to help. Non-Profits like The French Heritage Society are raising funds for the restoration of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and they need your help.

Members can sign up to take revenue generating surveys with Opinions 4 Good and choose to donate their survey earnings directly to an organization providing restoration to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, like The French Heritage Society. Simply sign up to become an Op4G member through the link here and your survey earnings will go directly to the Notre-Dame Restoration Fund.

Disclaimer: Op4G is not affiliated or partnered with The French Heritage Society. However, all funds from surveys will still be donated to the Notre-Dame Fire Restoration Fund by The French Heritage Society.

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We’ve worked hard to make the process of supporting disaster relief efforts such as the recent Notre-Dame fire as simple as possible. After answering an in-depth initial survey to establish your profile, you’ll be given the option to select the Notre-Dame Fire Restoration Fund to benefit from your survey work. After that, we’ll contact you as quickly as possible with your first offer. The more you participate, the more you’ll be helping to restore and preserve the historical architecture of France.

In 2017, Opinions 4 Good panelists raised $2,500 for the American Red Cross hurricane Harvey and Irma relief efforts through taking surveys. As we approach another disaster like the destruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, panelists continue their commitment to volunteerism and benefitting non-profits in times of need. Sign up now to be part of the change.

So far, Opinions4Good panel members have directly donated more than $425,000 to worthy causes across the country.


In 2017, Opinions 4 Good members raised $2,500 through donated survey incentives to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey and Irma Relief efforts. This donation was generated by 700+ active panelists who chose to give a portion or all of their survey incentives to the American Red Cross. After the hurricanes hit, it was very touching to see so many people from all corners of the U.S instantaneously come together and raise donations for the hurricane relief efforts by taking Op4G surveys.

As disasters continue to happen, so does our commitment to helping those in need. We now have a new responsibility to help those devastated by the destruction of such a powerful symbol of French heritage- the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Frank Nappo
Opinions 4 Good

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