How It Works

By signing up with Opinions4Good, you’ll be offered regular opportunities to answer online surveys ranging in different topics.

In recognition of your valued input, you’ll be given a monetary reward for each completed survey. You can then choose to donate 25% to 100% of your earnings right back to My Style Matters. It’s that simple!


Which community should I join?

If you have cancer, are in remission, or are a caretaker of someone with cancer, we recommend joining our cancer community (also known as Health Insights). As a member of the cancer community, you will only be offered cancer-specific surveys. Other than that, there is no other difference between the two communities. You are still able to donate to My Style Matters through either community.

If you do not have cancer, you can support My Style Matters by joining the general community. This community will receive general market research surveys, which range in topic. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member and how it works, you can find our Panelist Information page here.


Get Involved!

Express Yourself
Your opinions matter, and our clients are willing to pay to hear them. By participating, you’ll be asked to provide feedback on a range of fun products, from your favorite candy to the latest movies you’ve seen. Other topics range from the services you use, advertising campaigns, and more!

Free & Fun
Joining Opinions4Good costs you nothing. You pay no fees, and you share 25% of your earnings (or more, it’s up to you!) with My Style Matters. You’ll have chances to put your opinions to work and learn more about the good work of the non-profits you and our other members support. Plus, Members can invite friends and family to join!

You’re in Control
Members are in complete control of the information they provide to Opinions4Good. Participating in client-sponsored research is always opt-in, and your responses are always anonymous.

Trust is the key to our shared success. Each element of Opinions4Good is designed to fiercely protect our members’ privacy. Every activity is opt-in, every survey participant is anonymous, and every member is in full control of their secure information. Our business depends on maintaining the trust placed in us. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.



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