How It Works

By registering your nonprofit with Opinions4Good, you’ll be offered the opportunity to sign up your volunteers and supporters to take paid research surveys on your organization’s behalf. Surveys range in topic, but can be on Brand Awareness, New Products/Services, Packaging, Advertising, and more.

As members, your supporters can choose to donate 25% to 100% of their survey earnings straight back to your organization. This allows for quick and effortless recurring donations.

Sweepstakes Rules

For Summer 2021, Opinions4Good wants to reward three nonprofits who promote their partnership with us the most!

We find that nonprofits who regularly promote their partnership with Opinion4Good have more supporters signed up and taking surveys. Nonprofits with more supporters typically have more survey rewards donated back to them. This summer, we will be giving out prizes to the top three registered nonprofits who encourage their supporters to sign up and start taking surveys. These nonprofits will earn points every time they share the personal sign-up link with supporters. We encourage nonprofits of all sizes to register and start promoting!

Points will be given for:

Sharing their Op4G sign-up link on a nonprofit’s website- 2 points

Sharing their Op4G sign-up link on a social media post- 5 points

Sharing their Op4G sign-up link in an email or newsletter- 10 points

In order for points to be rewarded, Op4G needs to be informed each time a nonprofit shares its link. If the link is added to a nonprofit’s website, the link to the webpage needs to be sent to a nonprofit coordinator. If the link is shared on a social media post, Op4G needs to be tagged in the post. If the link is shared in an email or newsletter, a copy needs to be sent to a nonprofit coordinator. If Op4G is not notified that the link was shared, then those points will not be rewarded.

For a social media post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, you can tag Op4G by adding our handle @Opinions4Good in any post. 

The Sweepstakes will end on September 20th, 2021 and no more points will be awarded after this date. The three nonprofits with the most points will be notified of their winnings and will be announced in early October.

First Prize: $1,000

Second Prize: $500

Third Prize: $250

Rewards will be issued by check to the supplied mailing address in October 2021.

Ready to register your nonprofit and start earning points? Click here to sign up!

For additional information about how a nonprofit partnership with Opinions4Good works, please click here.

If you’d like to learn more about what becoming a member looks like and how it works, you can find our Panelist Information page here.

A Note About Privacy

Trust is the key to our shared success. Each element of Opinions4Good is designed to fiercely protect our members’ and nonprofits’ privacy. Every activity is opt-in, every survey participant is anonymous, and every member is in full control of their secure information. Our business depends on maintaining the trust placed in us. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.

Tiah Tomlin.MyStyleMatters e1597345642369

“Our experience with Op4G has been nothing short of amazing. The staff is diligent about checking in with us and providing updates on earnings. They continuously show their support by sharing our information with their audience. We highly recommend that other organizations get plugged in to what they’re doing to help bring about change.”

Tiah Tomlin

Founder, My Style Matters

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