Are You Eating Right? You May be Surprised

2 copyIn 2011, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) released an updated nutritional food guide for the United States. Known as – MyPlate, – it replaced the long-used food pyramid diagrams.

MyPlate outlines the recommended amount of food from each major food group, per meal. It is divided into sections of approximately 30% grains, 30% vegetables, 20% fruits, and 20% proteins. As well, it suggests a small side serving of dairy. Of course, these proportions may vary for certain individuals, such as pregnant women or athletes. They should also be followed in conjunction with other key recommendations (i.e. maintain portion control and minimize sodium and sugar intake).

At Op4G, we are fortunate to partner with several non-profits dedicated to promoting nutrition in the United States. Healthy Lifestyle Choices, for example, focuses on obesity prevention through nutrition and increased physical activity. Operation Sack Lunch serves three nutritionally dense meals a day, seven days a week, to the hungry living in the Seattle area. Furthermore, Op4G’s many partner food banks work to collect and distribute healthy food to those in need.

Flickr photo credit: Jessica Spengler

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