A Big Thanks and Congrats Go Out to Ashley Dowling-Cloud!

Member SweepstakesOur Op4G sweepstakes winner for August is…Ashley Dowling-Cloud! Ashley supports Transformations Autism Treatment Center in Bartlett, TN, making them our “Non-Profit of the Month”!

Ashley joined Op4G 8 months ago after hearing about us from Transformations.  Since joining, Ashley has earned about $70 for Transformations.  Ashley likes how the Op4G website is set up and feels it is “very easy to use and understand”.  She is an active member and “enjoys the surveys” that she has been invited to and participated in.  Ashley has qualified for “almost all” that she has been selected for.

Ashley selected Transformations as her Op4G non-profit because that is the center that her autistic son attends each week for ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy.  She is both a volunteer and a parent of the center which she “loves doing”.  Transformations Autism Treatment Center helps the community by providing “the one therapy within our area that is extremely hard to get for a child who has autism”.  In addition, they provide services for parents and “don’t turn their backs on autism”.

Ashley plans to continue taking Op4G surveys for Transformations, noting that “every little bit helps”. Since Ashley also volunteers at Transformations helping out in the front office, she is confident that she can help recruit additional supporters to sign up for the Op4G panel and participate in surveys.

Thank you, Ashley, and congratulations from Op4G!

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