One Brick of Chicago – The Op4G $500 Monthly Sweepstakes Winner

333There is good news for One Brick’s Chicago chapter! The Op4G partner was selected as our $500 sweepstakes winner for July!

One Brick is a non-profit organization that matches volunteers with volunteer opportunities in their community. Unlike similar organizations, however, the non-profit requires no long-term commitment. Moreover, it arranges fun social events following each volunteer activity. The goal is to enable volunteers to meet like-minded individuals in a relaxed social setting.

This model has proved incredibly successful. It has led thousands of volunteers to donate 50,000 hours to over 1,600 non-profits. It has also led to the establishment of 11 chapters across America – from San Francisco to Boston.

One Brick’s $500 prize brings their Op4G earnings to over $30,500. Congratulations again to One Brick!

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Op4G's Volunteer of the Month: Margaret Marek Rohter!

chicagoOur most recent sweepstakes winner is…. Margaret Marek Rohter! Margaret supports Big Brothers Big Sisters Metro Chicago, making them our “Non-Profit of the Month”!

Margaret joined Op4G three years ago as one of our organization’s earliest members. At the time, she was involved with another Op4G partner, One Brick, and noticed the Op4G logo on their website. Margaret likes the Op4G model as it is “easy to do” and allows you to take surveys “at your own convenience”. It is “not time consuming” and “fits into [her] schedule”.

Margaret selected BBBS Metro Chicago as her Op4G non-profit because she knew people in the organization and greatly respected their work in the community. In particular, she admired the mentors, as they “help a lot of young people that need an interest or role model”, steering them “in a different direction than [where] their surroundings may lead them”.

Margaret plans to continue taking Op4G surveys for BBBS Chicago, noting that “every little bit can help”. She is also confident that she will qualify for more surveys going forward, thanks to the recent demographic update.

Thank you, Margaret, and congratulations from Op4G!


Flickr photo credit: Viaggio Routard

Op4G's Volunteer of the Month: JP Borderleau!

hockeyOp4G’s Volunteer of the Month is JP Borderleau! Since 1999, JP has volunteered as a coach for the Chicago Tomahawks – a youth special needs hockey program and member of the American Special Hockey Association.

The program offers weekly hockey practices and games to 70 special needs players in the Chicago area. Furthermore, once a year, the program sends players to a national hockey festival for individuals of all physical and mental abilities.

JP’s motivation to coach grew from his love of hockey and his desire to help his community, particularly the youth population. In his words, “The most rewarding benefits for youth’s participation in sports is the increased confidence they gain out of the rink or gym”.

JP’s passion for sports, fitness, and helping others also extends beyond his coaching. In his day-to-day life, he is the joint owner of Precision Multisport in Evanston, Illinois. The company offers everything from personal training to group workouts, helping adults reach their personal health goals.

If you’d like to recognize an Op4G member and volunteer from your community, please contact

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