Op4G's $100 Twitter Winner: Susan Sliney!

3333Op4G congratulates member Susan Sliney, our $100 twitter winner!

In honor of Op4G’s philanthropic mission, Susan has generously offered to donate a portion of her winnings to Op4G partner Beverly Bootstraps. Based in Massachusetts, Beverly Bootstraps works to provide critical resources to families and individuals so that they may achieve self-sufficiency. Through its food pantry and thrift shops, it offers such resources as food assistance, clothing, and household items.

Susan choose Beverly Bootstraps because it helps the families most in need that are having a hard time with trying to survive in today’s economy. As a mother of five who faced some struggles in the past, she knows the importance of having local social service agencies where people can turn to in a time of need. She only wishes that every community had such an organization!

Susan registered with Op4G only a few weeks ago, stating that she loved the fact that through taking surveys, I can help someone else. As she has a strong passion for helping others, she plans to continue taking surveys to raise as much money as possible for Beverly Bootstraps.

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Flickr photo credit: Jamie McCaffrey

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