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how it works


  • We create an online sign up page to unleash our army of members who join to support your cause. View Live Example

  • We send our members email invites to take revenue-generating surveys, resulting in donations to your non-profit.  View Example Invite

  • Log in to your own non-profit portal – see the progress of your members and how much they’ve generated in donations!   View Non-Profit Portal


  • As a member, you are in full control!  Take as many surveys as you choose, at a time convenient to you.  View Example Invite

  • As a member of our community, you decide the percentage of revenue given to your non-profit (100%, 75%, 50%,  or 25%). The balance you keep for yourself!

  • Members can log in to view available surveys and to keep track of donations and personal earnings.  View Member Portal

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show me the money

  • $3.65

    Is the average individual payout of our surveys

  • $730

    If 100 members complete 2 surveys each month

  • $2,190

    In potential quarterly donations to your Non-Profit

success stories

  • $45,375.00

    “[The feedback we’ve received from our supporters has been] very positive once they understood the concept. Some had a hard time believing there was no catch. It sounded too good to be true.”

    Since becoming a partner non profit, Big Brothers Big Sisters has accrued $35,439.00  in Opinions4Good donations across all our partner chapters leading to direct and measurable impacts on children’s lives.

  • $21,645.00

    “[It was] very simple [to launch the campaign,] as Opinions4Good was great about providing us with all the materials and information and we just sent it out through newsletters, web, emails, etc. We had a great response right away.”

    The Pacific Science Center first partnered with us in 2011, receiving a total of $21,178 to date for exhibits and educational programs.

  • $27,495.00

    “We recommend Opinions4Good to other non-profit organizations because it is an easy way for our supporters to get involved and raise funds for our community. The individuals signed up on Opinions4Good do not have to reach in to their own pockets – it is just another way for them to volunteer.”

    Since becoming a partner non-profit, Second Harvest Food Bank has accrued $21,212 in Opinions4Good donations. Each dollar translates into two meals, resulting in 42,424 meals so far.

  • $15,901.00

    “What a blessing it is to have such an easy revenue stream that benefits us as well as our supporters. We look forward to a long successful partnership.”

    A Women’s Pregnancy Center started working with us in 2010, receiving $14,834 to aid with counseling and medical services.