Op4G's Member of the Month: June Mohn!

Op4G congratulates June Mohn, our Member of the Month for February 2013! June’s name was randomly selected during our monthly sweepstakes, earning $500 for her choice non-profit: Junior Achievement of Dallas!

June became an Op4G panelist approximately 3 years ago at the encouragement of Junior Achievement of Dallas, an Op4G partner. She was pleased to support JA of Dallas, as the non-profit greatly helped her son during high school. She also admired its work providing business education to students across the United States.

Since joining, June has completed 2-3 Op4G surveys per month for Junior Achievement of Dallas. In her experience, Op4G “handles everything efficiently” and “doesn’t waster her time”. Furthermore, Op4G surveys ask “good questions” and allow her to reflect on her purchasing habits and activities.

Again, congratulations to Op4G member, June Mohn! We appreciate your membership and support of our non-profit partner!

Top 5 Tips for Op4G Members

1) Complete surveys early: Op4G surveys are on a first come basis! To minimize your chances of being screened out, please complete surveys as early as possible. Also, ensure that your notification preferences are set to “immediately” in your myop4g profile.

2) Complete surveys frequently: Op4G issues checks quarterly to all members who have earned $20 or more (otherwise, accumulated funds roll over into the next quarter). To ensure quarterly payment, and increase your overall earnings, please complete Op4G surveys as often as possible.

3) Use the right browser and device: We find that Op4G surveys are most compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Similarly, our surveys work best when completed using a computer, as opposed to a tablet or smart phone.

4) Complete surveys in one sitting: Completing surveys in a single session, with minimal jumping between pages, can drastically reduce the likelihood of survey error. It is also a requirement for many off-platform surveys. For this reason, we encourage members to complete Op4G surveys during blocks of uninterrupted free time.

5) Update your demographics and address: Please update your Op4G profile via myop4g.com every time your personal information changes (e.g. your address, jobs, marital status, number of children etc). This may increase your eligibility for surveys, reduce the frequency of screenouts, and ensure that your payments arrive at the right house!

Getting to Know Op4G

Op4G is a philanthropic market research company based in the United States. Founded in 2010, our overarching aim is to expand funding for non-profit organizations while meeting the market research needs of our clients.

How does Op4G achieve this dual mission? Upon receiving a client request for market research, we email surveys to Op4G members who meet the client’s desired demographics. Depending on the length and difficulty of the survey, we offer members $1 – $20 for completion. However, of those earnings, we ask that members donate at least 25% to a non-profit of their choice. Members can choose from our existing list of non-profit partners or recommend a new non-profit.

Thus, with every survey completed, both our members and non-profit partners accrue earnings! These earnings are tracked in members’ myop4g.com profiles, as well as in the Op4G database. Then, every quarter, we send a check to all members that have earned over $20 and all non-profits that have earned over $250. Any funds that do not exceed this threshold simply roll over into the next quarter.

This innovative business model allows everyone to win—members, non-profits, clients, and Op4G staff. To learn more about Op4G and how we operate, please explore our website or contact support@op4g.com.