Op4G's Volunteer of the Month: Margaret Marek Rohter!

chicagoOur most recent sweepstakes winner is…. Margaret Marek Rohter! Margaret supports Big Brothers Big Sisters Metro Chicago, making them our “Non-Profit of the Month”!

Margaret joined Op4G three years ago as one of our organization’s earliest members. At the time, she was involved with another Op4G partner, One Brick, and noticed the Op4G logo on their website. Margaret likes the Op4G model as it is “easy to do” and allows you to take surveys “at your own convenience”. It is “not time consuming” and “fits into [her] schedule”.

Margaret selected BBBS Metro Chicago as her Op4G non-profit because she knew people in the organization and greatly respected their work in the community. In particular, she admired the mentors, as they “help a lot of young people that need an interest or role model”, steering them “in a different direction than [where] their surroundings may lead them”.

Margaret plans to continue taking Op4G surveys for BBBS Chicago, noting that “every little bit can help”. She is also confident that she will qualify for more surveys going forward, thanks to the recent demographic update.

Thank you, Margaret, and congratulations from Op4G!


Flickr photo credit: Viaggio Routard

Op4G Volunteer of the Month: Roxanne Splett-Young!

schoolOp4G would like to recognize Roxanne Splett-Young, a sweepstakes winner! Thanks to Roxanne, the Northgate PTA received all funds donated to the “non-profit of the month” in April.

The Northgate PTA is the Parent Teacher Association for the Northgate Elementary School in Seattle, Washington. Roxanne selected Northgate PTA as her non-profit of choice as it was a “great and easy way” to support her daughter’s school. This support, she felt, was especially important given recent funding cuts and the school’s high percentage of ESL students and free/reduced lunches.

Roxanne first learned about Op4G from a fellow member of the PTA. She joined the Op4G panel shortly thereafter, in late 2010. Since then, Roxanne has earned approximately $100 for the Northgate PTA and has encouraged the entire association to join. In her view, “Programs like Op4G are great because there is no cost for families and yet there can be a return… It is easy and you can decide how time consuming it will be”.

In addition to donating through Op4G, Roxanne volunteers for the Northgate Reads program. She also supports the PTA of her children’s current school. Congratulations again to Roxanne Splett-Young!

Flickr photo credit: Bob Kelly

Get downright Mucky for MS in Philly this Saturday and Sunday

MuckFest does a lot for MSMuckFest™ is a fun run type of obstacle course layered and oozing with mud.  This Saturday and Sunday come out to the MuckFest in Philly and cheer on the participants as they make their way through the 5 mile gauntlet.  This a great event and all the donations raised benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

According the event organizers…  “There’s beer, great food and music in the MuckFestival area. We operate on “the more, the muckier” principle, so bring your friends and family to join in the hilarious spills and thrills. We even have a specially-designed mucky play-lot for the kids called Lil’ Muckers.”  Seriously… that’s the name.  If you’re not interested in getting dirty, then please come out to volunteer to help with registration, t-shirts, gear-check, etc.

Check out the MuckFest Pics

This event is run throughout the United States each year in 18 different cities.  Check out the MuckFest schedule to find out if the mud will be making its way near you soon.

Can’t come out this time?  You can help in other ways by supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Greater Delaware Valley Chapter by taking surveys on their behalf through Op4G.

Photo Credits: National MS Society

Op4G's Volunteer of the Month: JP Borderleau!

hockeyOp4G’s Volunteer of the Month is JP Borderleau! Since 1999, JP has volunteered as a coach for the Chicago Tomahawks – a youth special needs hockey program and member of the American Special Hockey Association.

The program offers weekly hockey practices and games to 70 special needs players in the Chicago area. Furthermore, once a year, the program sends players to a national hockey festival for individuals of all physical and mental abilities.

JP’s motivation to coach grew from his love of hockey and his desire to help his community, particularly the youth population. In his words, “The most rewarding benefits for youth’s participation in sports is the increased confidence they gain out of the rink or gym”.

JP’s passion for sports, fitness, and helping others also extends beyond his coaching. In his day-to-day life, he is the joint owner of Precision Multisport in Evanston, Illinois. The company offers everything from personal training to group workouts, helping adults reach their personal health goals.

If you’d like to recognize an Op4G member and volunteer from your community, please contact support@op4g.com.

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So who the heck takes these Internet surveys anyway?

Well I’m not sure about panel members found in other places, but as it turns out, Op4G survey takers are quite a purposeful group. Many folks join because they have a strong interest in a specific non-profit or charity. That’s obvious, right?

What’s interesting is that the Op4G Platform –MyOp4G– creates value for these members in the form of a brand new opportunity to help their cause. The system and tools are unique because they fill a need where no similar solution previously existed. Not only can large, well known organizations participate for free, but also small, locally focused groups. As a result, members are able to feel connected to their non-profit and share insights in a purposeful way.

A recent survey of our members found that 31% of them are large donors, as defined as someone who gives $1,000+ to charity each year. What does that mean? It means that many of our members who already have a donor relationship with their favorite non-profit, are taking surveys for them as well!

In addition, of those members who donate any amount, 97% said they would continue donating at their current levels, while ALSO taking surveys. Finally, 73% of our respondents said they ONLY take surveys on the Op4G platform.

So who the heck is taking these surveys? It’s a proud group of people who want to connect, engage, and share insights when these actions are -cause- directed. Now that’s purposeful!

Photo Credit: flickr.com/photos/84123084@N00/

Want to know why everyone will be wearing PURPLE tomorrow?

Why? Because it’s time to spread awareness and help the Lupus Foundation of America solve the cruel mystery of Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints and/or organs inside the body).

On Friday, May 17th as part of Lupus Awareness Month, thousands of people from around the country will PUT ON PURPLE to get the word out. Op4G and our Non-Profit Partner, Lupus Foundation DC/MD/VA Chapter would like you to join us in this effort by having your family, friends, team members, and co-workers make your Friday purple.

According to LFA, 59 percent of Americans know little or nothing about lupus and its devastating impact. Find out more about this unpredictable and sometimes fatal disease that affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans. Get started by Liking LFA on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Op4G's $100 Twitter Winner: Susan Sliney!

3333Op4G congratulates member Susan Sliney, our $100 twitter winner!

In honor of Op4G’s philanthropic mission, Susan has generously offered to donate a portion of her winnings to Op4G partner Beverly Bootstraps. Based in Massachusetts, Beverly Bootstraps works to provide critical resources to families and individuals so that they may achieve self-sufficiency. Through its food pantry and thrift shops, it offers such resources as food assistance, clothing, and household items.

Susan choose Beverly Bootstraps because it helps the families most in need that are having a hard time with trying to survive in today’s economy. As a mother of five who faced some struggles in the past, she knows the importance of having local social service agencies where people can turn to in a time of need. She only wishes that every community had such an organization!

Susan registered with Op4G only a few weeks ago, stating that she loved the fact that through taking surveys, I can help someone else. As she has a strong passion for helping others, she plans to continue taking surveys to raise as much money as possible for Beverly Bootstraps.

For your chance to win in our upcoming contests, please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook today!

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Instantly Donate Your Calories and Help Fight World Hunger

More than ever, creativity and new technologies are playing a key role as viable solutions to the emerging operational needs of non-profits. No longer can charitable organizations simply rely on the original 123 playbook of donations – volunteerism – service: re-load. Fortunately, we’re living in a period of technology and creativity proliferation never seen before. Information is becoming democratized and sharing the secret sauce is now seen as a good thing. Opportunities abound for Non-Profits to reach their members and the people they serve.

Unfortunately sifting through, understanding, and building something actionable from all the new opportunities is a huge challenge for Non-Profits. The information overload is mind numbing, to say the least.

In the spirit of doing something good, Op4G would like to periodically highlight some of the fascinating new opportunities for providing service to the non-profit groups looking for a helpful add-on.

So, let’s get started.

Perhaps you’d like to give back the calories you consume in the form of mini donations to help fight world hunger? What!? I know I just went straight to mind numbing, but bear with me. There is an app for making this simple and straightforward. Created by Happiness Brussels and powered by Action Against Hunger, a new smartphone app has emerged, enabling you to make an instant donation based upon the calories in your meal or snacks.

It’s called the Give Your Calories app and here’s how it works.

If you’ve already got calories on your mind; and a lot of people do, then I can see this tool resonating with those who’d like to simultaneously track and control their intake while helping a good cause. You can download the app here if you’d like to take it for a spin. It’s iOS only at this point, so the Android folks will have to wait a bit before they can tinker with it.

Photo credit: flickr Creative Commons, flickr.com/photos/gonzalobaeza

May is Haitian Heritage Month!

haitiMay is Haitian Heritage Month in the United States! It is time to celebrate all things Haitian – from music and folklore to language and cuisine. But it is also a time to reflect on the struggles of this tiny Caribbean country.

Located just 681 miles from Miami, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It has a long history of political violence and corruption, as well as significant deforestation and resource depletion. These problems were compounded when the island was struck by a 7.0 hurricane in January, 2010. As a result, it is said that 70% of Haitians live on under $2 per day and that almost half a million are still homeless.

Fortunately, several non-profits are devoted to improving the lives of the people of Haiti. Op4G is proud to partner with 2 such non-profits. Greater Good Haiti provides “basic primary education as well as environmental sustainability education through school programs, public forums, and community based projects in under-served communities”. Furthermore, A Chance for Kids provides Haitian children with educational programs, social activities, and athletic events. Please support our partners today!

Flickr photo credit: Cecilia

Improving the Experience of our Members – It's Always on our Minds

We recently rolled out improvements to our demographic profiling to reduce the chance of getting screened out of our client studies. We know there’s nothing more frustrating than answering 5 or 6 questions, only to be sent to a page indicating that you didn’t qualify for a survey. Our goal is simple. We want to make it as easy as possible to earn funds for your non-profit.

While we’ve sent a couple notices about this topic in our Monthly Newsletter, we wanted to add a reminder in our blog. So here goes… please update your demographic profile at MyOp4G.com. The update takes less than 10 minutes but will significantly reduce your chances of being screened out of Op4G surveys and further improve your experience.

During the update process, it’s important to note that all questions must be answered for the update to be successful. If you leave any questions out, the update will prompt you to go back and finish.

And, as you know we take member privacy very seriously. Each element of Op4G is designed to fiercely protect our Members’ privacy and information. We make no distinction between “personal” and “non-personal” information — we protect both equally.